Tuesday, March 15, 2011

Finding the WWN on an HS22 SAS connectivity module

Recently obtained an IBM HS22 blade server with a SAS connectivity module, and was attempting to map a RAID volume in a disk storage module to this blade..  when I realized the AMM did not report the SAS ID (WWN) as it normally does with my HS21 blades.

I figured it was a firmware issue, so I upgraded the AMM firmware - but still nothing.

I found this link:http://www-947.ibm.com/support/entry/portal/docdisplay?brand=5000020&lndocid=MIGR-5083823  which scared me - seemed to indicate I had the wrong hardware.

I poked around the LSI BIOS and noted every SAS ID I could find.. and tried using those to map the volume, all to no avail.

It didn't help that the AMM reported the SAS module part number as 49Y8009, whereas I had ordered 43W4068.. thought there was a shipping error or something, but it turns out the 49Y8009 is just the internal IBM part number.

Thinking it was still related to firmware.. I upgraded the uEFI and the IMM firmware on the HS22.  Again, this helped nothing.

In a desperate final attempt, I decided to delve into the SAS RAID controller itself..  accessed the web interface, selected "Monitor SAS Module", and voila!  There, next to "Blade Slot Connection 2" was a SAS ID that was never presented anywhere else.  I mapped the volume using this WWN, and now all is good.

What a nightmare to find though..   found forum posts with no answers:  https://www.ibm.com/developerworks/forums/thread.jspa?messageID=14418964&#14418964

Someone from IBM, please update your documentation!!


  1. Bob, first and foremost, a BIG thanks mate.

    Oh yes, and about the 'forum post with no answers'...What can i say? I so dearly wish that, at least the big ones like IBM, Microsoft did not adhere to 'sell and be done with it' attitude so religiously.

    It is people like you that keep the world revolving and rotating , man.

    Keep it up.

  2. Hate to say it, but I work @ IBM and had to result to your blog post via google to answer my question. Thanks!

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