Friday, May 7, 2010

Migrating from Palm Treo 680 to Nokia E71 OTA with Funambol

Lets say you want to be able to migrate contacts, calendars, tasks and notes from your Treo to a Nokia E71 (or other newer S60 device), and you don't want to go the "Windows/Palm desktop - export/Outlook import -> Nokia Suite -> device" route.  I don't use Windows, and I wanted an OTA (over-the-air) sync solution.

This turned out to be quite simple, thanks to Funambol and SyncML

There are 3 parts to this - (1) funambol server setup, (2) Funambol client on E71, and (3) Synthesis SyncML client on Palm Treo

Funambol Server

Simply download, install and launch
-you must have an internet accessible interface

Next, launch the Funambol Admin Tool : /opt/Funambol/admin/bin/funamboladmin
-login.. open up server properties, and set the URL:   http://xx.xx.xx.xx:8080/funambol/ds
  (where xx.xx.xx.xx is your public IP)
-click on save

(you may also want to change the admin password)


Funambol Client on Nokia E71
-you can download from or via
-install and configure 3 things
  -URL  (use same as established on server obviously)

note: by default, the funambol server does auto-provisioning, so the username/password above is going to be "created" on the server, so choose whatever you wish.

-perform initial sync

Synthesis SyncML client
You can download 30-day trial here:

-start client, goto Options -> Settings...
-set SyncML Server URL (as per above)
-set username/password (as per above)
-click "options" button
  -Server version -> SyncML 1.2 /OMA
-select databases to sync - and set sync modes to "slow"

NOTE:  database names are set for a specific "SyncML Server", you need to change them using "more.." buttons

Contacts:  server path:  card
Events: server path: event
Tasks: server path: task
Notes: server path: note

-perform sync - this will push everything OTA to funambol server

Final Step

-re-sync your Nokia to grab data from funambol server OTA