Tuesday, June 23, 2009

mysqldump to informix DS

Problem: Need to access mysql 5.0 data from 4js BDL (I4gl)

Solution attempts:
  1. generate 4js dynamic VM with mysql support.. no mysql 5.0 support (only 4.x) and not forward compatible
  2. try aubit4gl with mysql support.. no go.. see this
  3. call script to unload mysql table and then load into informix
On solution attempt 3 - this proved more difficult than I first imagined.

I've been spoiled with Informix's very easy "unload to". Mysql simply has no equivalent. There is the "SELECT INTO OUTFILE", but (1) you need to "grant file on *.* to 'user'@'whateverhost'" (besides select permission of course), and (2) can be run from a remote host, but the output file is local to the mysql server instance.. and while you can use NFS, its a pain.

Also there is mysqldump - which I thought might do it.. but alas, if you use the --tab option it uses "SELECT INTO OUTFILE" internally anyway - plus you need to "grant lock tables on db.* to 'user'@'whateverhost'".

Ok - so had to revise my strategy - since I am running this script on remote host... this generates ansi "insert" statements that I will try to execute against informix:

mysqldump -h mysqlhost -usomeuser -psomepassword --compatible=ansi --no-create-info --compact dbname tablename > x.sql

Kinda works.. doesn't like text fields (clob datatype in informix).. and date formating could be an issue (easily fixed with informix DBDATE environment variable).. but certainly not as easy as I imagined.

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